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Anthemion was founded to continue the business of Britain's oldest established dealer in architectural antiques, Crowther of Syon Lodge following its closure in October 2002.

The team of people associated with Anthemion has over the past 40 years, all had involvement with Crowther and were in an unequalled position to create a facility that would continue servicing the needs of Crowther's clients and anyone with an interest in the specialist market of architectural antiques.

The team is headed up by Sharon Powell, whom old Crowther clients will remember as their primary contact during the last 15 years of the company's trading.

Other members include Crowther's mason of some 35 years, their blacksmith, cabinet makers and carvers.

Whether you are looking for are looking for a large architectural feature such as a grand classical temple to accent a vista, or simply you're looking to create an intimate area of repose from which to enjoy the landscape, Anthemion can provide the answer.

Fountains, urns, finials, statues, temples, seats , chimneypieces and fine English panelling are among the items Anthemion handles. Architectural originals, many of which are from the noble houses of Europe and some are of more modest provenance.

And where a suitable antique piece cannot be found to satisfy a client's requirement, Anthemion has at its disposal a team of craftsmen employed to produce authentic copies of classical originals in stone, marble, bronze, terracotta and lead.

In addition to architectural ornament, Anthemion is also able to help with the need for salvage items such as bricks, flagstones, cobbles, ceramic and marble flooring, and from their network of sources, can, where required, find reclaimed materials to match something that may be existing on site.

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